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Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, Italy: the city of Ceramics

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Things to do in Vietri sul Mare

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The town of Vietri sul Mare, considered since the Medieval times the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, is situated just 3 km far from Salerno and is one of the 13 Amalfi Coast villages.
Vietri is considered to be the capital of artistic and traditional ceramics, that is why, for generations, the inhabitants of this lovely seaside town have been producing precious porcelain.

Guide of Vietri sul Mare, Amalfi Coast

The main attraction of Vietri is not represented by monument or historic building, but simply by the ceramic ornaments. Vietri ceramics is everywhere, the whole story of the daily life of the inhabitants Vietri is painted on ceramic, which is exported all over the world. Absolutely to visit in Vietri are the workshops of the typical ceramic: each of these has its own laboratory, ideas and colors. The Vietri ceramics are an important part of the local identity and economy, but here, as in other towns of the Amalfi Coast, you can't miss a dish of anchovies or a plate of paccheri di gragnano with fresh daily fish.

What to know about Vietri sul Mare

Ideal for:
  • those who want to know the art of Vietri ceramics
  • those who want to spend a vacation in Amalfi Coast without spending too much money
Not the best destination for:
  • those who are looking for night life and discos

How to get to Vietri sul Mare

HOW TO GET TO VIETRI SUL MARE: Vietri is the first town of the Amalfi Coast you meet coming from Salerno. In Vietri there is the exit from the A3 motorway, from where you take the SS 163. After a few kilometers you meet Cetara. If you want to use public transport there are SITA buses from Naples or Salerno.

For more detailed information: How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Things to see in Vietri sul Mare

3 things to do in Vietri sul Mare

  1. Visit the church of San Giovanni Battista , whose dome was made of colored majolica.
  2. Buy one of his typical ceramic souvenirs with blue and yellow colors that made it famous in the world.
  3. Walking along the streets of the town, and be charmed by the art of Vietri .

Between the things to see in Vietri there is certainly the Provincial Museum of Ceramics, inside the wonderful Villa Guariglia.

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Tour in Amalfi Coast

After doing some shopping along the streets and squares of the colored city of ceramics, you may want to explore the nearby resorts in Vietri sul Mare, then dine in the fishing village of Cetara or Salerno following a long walk along the seafront. Below few helpful tips on tours in Amalfi from which to take inspiration for your tour in this corner of paradise.

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