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The Ceramica Artistica Solimene produces hand made ceramics using traditional methods handed down through the generations. All the ceramics are produced in the factory in Vietri sul Mare. The real made in Italy is famous all around the World.

The production of the ceramic works is realised by craftsmen using techniques handed down over the centuries. The decoration is done by hand using figures and pattern that reflect the Mediterranean culture and way of life. The success of this craftsmanship makes each article produced a unique Work of Art.

Vincenzo Solimene who has been operating since 1947 and whose family has been working for more than a century in the ceramic business, engaged the Architect Paolo Soleri to plan a building to house his new factory in 1951. It was completed by 1954 and was called "Ceramica Artistica Solimene". It is one of the most significant buildings of this century, standing on solid rock in the small town of Vietri Sul Mare on the Amalfitan coast, which is famous for its ancient tradition of ceramic craftmanship going back to the 15th century. Its production of crockery, floor and wall tiles, worked and painted entirely by hand, combines the use of ancient techniques, such as the use of the potter's wheel, with the very last in modern technology in order to guarantee the strength and durability of this crockery even when washed in modern dishwashers. The great versatility in the decoration, in the shapes and in the lead free glaze, which is the result of continual study and research, allows us to satisfy any customer requirement and also enables us to create new products on request. The "Ceramica Artistica Solimene" exports all over the world, and also holds exhibitions and courses for the training of young people in the art of ceramic production, thanks to the "Centro Studi D'Arte Vietrese" which holds annual courses, authorized by the Campania Region.

Via Madonna Degli Angeli, 7, Vietri Sul Mare SA
+39 089.210243

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