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Amalfi is one of the pearls of the south Italy, the biggest city of the Amalfi Coast, the oldest Marine Republic of Italy, and today it represents the most attractive city with Positano of the entire coast in Campania.

Guide of Amalfi, Amalfi Coast

The singular architecture of white houses of Amalfi, the good climate for almost the entire the year, make it a destination for thousands of Italian tourists and foreigners.
Amalfi is a town of about 7000 inhabitants, rich in history and art, which gives its name to the homonym Amalfi Coast, famous throughout the world and since 1997, a World Heritage Site UNESCO. Visited by more and for its beauty, Amalfi is a valid target also for gourmets and gourmands, where they were invented the "cannelloni".
Its foundation goes back to the Romans; from the ninth century, it was the first of the the Marine Republics and rivaled Pisa, Venice and Genoa for the control of the Mediterranean Sea.

Traditionally, each year a crew of rowers participate in the Regatta of the Ancient Marine Republics challenging the arms of the city of Genoa, Pisa and Venice.

Among the most famous monuments of Amalfi there is certainly the Duomo in Arab-Sicilian style and now dedicated to St. Andrew, patron of the city. There are other attractions, intended for adults and children or for lovers of trekking and nature in general, the paths with breathtaking views that once connected the Amalfi Coast with the rest of the world.

What to know about Amalfi

Ideal for:
  • those who want to spend a holiday in the hearth of the Amalfi Coast
  • those who love art, architecture, glamorous events
Not the best destination for:
  • those who want to spend a 'quiet' holiday during the high season, Amalfi is very crowded especially during the summer

How to get to Amalfi

HOW TO GET TO AMALFI: Amalfi is situated in the center of the Amalfi Coast, you can get here both coming from Salerno or Sorrento. In any case it will take 30-40 minutes by car. It is served regularly by public transportation, SITA buses run to Amalfi from Salerno in 50 minutes. From April to October sea connections, by ferries and private boats, are available from Naples and Salerno. If you are intent on reaching the other towns of the Amalfi Coast, Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi is the departure point of the buses.

For more detailed information: How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Things to do in Amalfi

3 must things to do in Amalfi

  1. Visit the Amalfi Cathedral and the cloister of paradise.
  2. Get lost in the Valle delle Ferriere behind the city of Amalfi.
  3. Enjoy a superlative seafood lunch with a glass of limoncello.

A legend tells: don't climb up the steps of Amalfi Cathedral hand-in-hand with your loved one otherwise you will never get married.

If you have a lot of spare time in Amalfi, you can consider to visit the main attractions, such as:

Itinerary Amalfi Coast

If after a few hours lazing in the sun, shopping in Amalfi's colorful boutiques, and enjoying a glass of Limoncello, you fancy exploring further afield, then you could have a private boat trip discovering the heavenly and hidden beaches of the Amalfi Coast, otherwise you could take a cue from one of these itinerary and enjoy the things to see in the rest of the towns of the Amalfi Coast.

Explore and discover the things to see in the Amafi Coast

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