villa carrara

Villa Carrara is a nineteenth-century noble residence, today public space, located in the district Pastena (Eastern Zone) of the city of Salerno. For its structural features and botanical is also called the "Second Villa Comunale". The structure was built as early as the eighteenth century by the Carrara family, originally from Montecorvino and then moved to Salerno in the beginning of the century, and also included a large park that extended to the seashore.

As quoted by Giacomo Casanova in his works, Villa Carrara hosted repeatedly Charles III of Spain, the then king of Naples and Sicily, who was staying in his transfers in the hunting lodge of Persano.

The current appearance is due to a subsequent restoration of the nineteenth century and which introduced new stylistic elements alongside the existing neo-Gothic architectural elements. The Villa remained the property of Carrara until the death of the last descendant, Domenico, in 1953, that in the testament expressed willingness to donate the building and all of its assets to the Military Sovereign of Malta.

Villa Carrara was given in the municipal management of Salerno from the nineties who decided to make it a multifunctional center available to the public by setting up a library, with sections dedicated to newspaper library, and a collection of art by contemporary artists in Salerno in the entertainment lounge.

Via Posidonia, 03020 Salerno
Opening Hours
Daily from October to April8:00 - 21:00
Daily from May to September8:00 - 24:00

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