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The Town Hall of Salerno was inaugurated in 1936. It stands on an area of about 500 m² and is four levels high, with a porch entrance. The building was designed by architect Camillo Guerra and has an architecture in typical fascist style. In 1944, when Salerno was temporary seat of the Italian government for a few months, there were held meetings of governments Badoglio (Badoglio Government I and II) and, in the spring of that year, the first Council of Ministers of the post-fascism with the Government Bonomi II.

The main hall is called "Salone dei Marmi", as rich polychrome marbles and is accessed via a monumental staircase with two ramps. The interior is decorated with a series of paintings of the painter salernitano Pasquale Avallone depicting the various stages of the history of the city. Near the Salone dei Marmi, you have one side of the room Commissions (now "Sala della Giunta"), while on the opposite side, the Sala della Consulta (now "Sala del Gonfalone"), with its beautiful ceiling. On the same floor is the "Living Room" and "Cabinet" of the Podesta / Mayor and the rooms reserved for the Vice-Podesta / Mayor and the General Secretary.

Via Roma, Palazzo di Città, 84121 Salerno
+39 089.662291

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