pomona temple

The temple of Pomona, despite some doubts about it, is from the Roman period, when the city of Salerno, home to several temples (dedicated to Bacchus, Venus, Juno and Priapus), received the title of "College of Augustali" demonstrating the great importance during the Roman period.

In our day it has come only the temple of Pomona characterized, inside and outside, by fifteen Ionic columns joined together by a Gothic lancet arch. The capitals, always Ionic style, consist of four heads of the goddess Pomona and a square plate crowning of the capital formed by concave faces. Of the temple there were also found flooring, ceiling with central arch, trunk of the foundations, the mullioned windows and a stone wall.

The tombstone, located between the second and third lancet window, reminds of a donation of 50 thousand sesterces made by a certain Tito Tettenio Felice Augustale in the fourth century AD and that allowed to realize marble floors, a rich plaster and the pediment. Probably the temple continued eastward, because during recent renovations of the cathedral, were found the remains of a Roman temple.

Currently, the temple houses several exhibitions and cultural activities.

Salerno, Via Roberto il Guiscardo

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