san pietro a corte

The Monumental Complex of San Pietro a Corte is the most important Longobard construction in Salerno. The monumental remains represent the main architectural emergences of Medieval Salerno and as regards the Longobard architecture in Europe, they are the only example of a Palace building complex. It was the most prestigious seat of the Longobard Court in Campania.

It was built by the duke of Benevento, Arechi II who, in 774, after the defeat of the Northern Longobards by Charles Magnus, after having been conferred the titulus of Princeps gentis langobardorum, transferred, for political and strategic reasons, his residence from that town, which was then capital of his dukedom, to Salerno, where he built a magnificent palatium. As regards its structure, the pilasters of the upper room (official room) stand on a frigidarium of a spa building complex dating back to the imperial age (the end of the 1st –beginning of the 2nd century a.C.), after reused as graveyard by the Cristian communities in Salerno, there important public personalities of the time were buried (vir spectabilis). From upstairs you could enter a large room which was probably the official room with an adjoining Palatine chapel. Over the following centuries (in 1567) this room was modified by the commendatory abbot, Decio Caracciolo, who added to it the present access great staircase, which can be seen from the entrance of Largo Antica Corte. Between the 13th and 16th centuries a chapel devoted to the cult of the Virgin Mary was made. Among the different uses it has had up to now, it was also seat of the Salernitan Medical School. In the future, when its restoration comes to an end, it will be the seat of a museum of the Longobard civilization of Southern Italy.

The Monumental Complex of San Pietro a Corte is presently managed by the Salernitan Archaeological Association, after a special convention stipulated with the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Activities- the Monuments and Fine Arts Offices of Salerno and Avellino.

This Complex participates into the project started by the Town Council of Salerno “Always opened Monuments”:free guided tours around other monuments included in the cultural tour provided by the project are also managed by the members of the Salernitan Archaeological Association at other info-points (Minerva Gardens-church of St.Salvatore de Fundaco).

Largo Antica Corte - Angolo Via Canali, Salerno
+39 089.337331 or +39 338.1902507
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