post and telegraph salerno

The Palace of Post and Telegraph of Salerno, commonly called "the Post Office building", is located in central Corso Garibaldi, overlooking secondarily on Lungomare Trieste.

The Palace of the Post Office, built in neo-classical architectural style next to the Palazzo Santoro, was the work in the thirties of the engineer Roberto Narducci. This building was built in 1932 along with the Town Hall and the Palace of the Court as part of a monumental project, which tended to give the city of Salerno for aim on efficiency of administration and of national importance.

In 1944, when Salerno was the capital of Italy for a few months, the Post Office building became home to the Undersecretariat of Posts and Telegraphs of the Italian government of Badoglio. In 2012, the Palace has ceased to be the headquarters of the postal service in Salerno, as sold to a private consortium that has the project to turn it into a luxury residence. In July 2014 the project was prohibited by the judiciary, as a result of an appeal of the City of Salerno. Moreover among the various proposals in the past, there was also to make it one of the venues in the city of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salerno.

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 203, Salerno

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