barone palace

The palace Barone (also called "Villa Barone") is a palace of Salerno, located on the harbor. It was built in the twenties of the twentieth century and was started in February 1927 by engineer Mario Siniscalchi on behalf of the knight Antonio Barone and completed in 1928 in the Romanesque Revival Southern style, designed by Salernitan architect Matteo D'Agostino. In the months of Salerno Capital it housed the headquarters of the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs". The king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III in 1944 expressed thumbs up on its aesthetics, as he particularly appreciated.

The main characteristic of Palace Barone is its dominant position below the Harbour of Salerno. It is also topped by a tower, decorated in the manner of medieval Tuscany touching a height of 31 meters. It includes over the ground floor, mezzanine floor and the floor terrace, four levels, and seven for the turret. The structure is made of reinforced concrete and the exterior and interior decorations are based on eclectic architectural choices, but impacting the scenic point of view: all refer to the medieval. The entrance is decorated with coats of arms and statues of lions. In 1939 there was made the change in the windows of the secondary openings on the lateral via Croce (street Croce).

Via Benedetto Croce, 34, 84121 Salerno

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