Baia degli Infreschi: boat excursion from Marina di Camerota

Discover with a boat tour the coast of Camerota, Baia degli Infreschi and the several sea caves

Experience an exciting boat excursion along the coast of Marina di Camerota. Discover the famous Baia degli Infreschi, the Cave of the Lovers, the Blue Cave, also known as Cala Fortuna Cave, Cala Monte di Luna and the Grotta delle Noglie. You will also have the opportunity to visit the beaches of Pozzallo and Cala Bianca, award-winning for the clarity of the water and much appreciated for the unspoiled nature.

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An exciting boat trip in Marina di Camerota

The boat experience will take you to explore, along the entire coast of Marina di Camerota, wonderful caves and natural coves, each with its own interesting story, that the sailors will tell you. So let's find out below what are the highlights that characterize this exclusive boat tour:

1. Baia degli Infreschi

The beach of Baia degli Infreschi is at the top of the list of the most beautiful and visited beaches of Cilento, in fact it has been elected many times the most beautiful beach in Italy by Legambiente. Moreover, the surrounding natural landscapes make the Baia degli Infreschi a real natural harbor, whose name is associated with the freshness of the water springs that flow in some places along the coast. In Roman times the name was Anphorisca because the clay was quarried there for the manufacture of clay artifacts. In the seventeenth century, on nautical charts it was called Anfresca, and then later came to the present name of Baia Infreschi.
Therefore, the boat trip to the Bay of Infreschi becomes a must for those who decide to spend a day or a vacation in Marina di Camerota.

baia degli infreschi

2. Blue Grotto

The grotta Azzurra di Marina di Camerota, also known as grotta di Cala Fortuna is smaller and less known than that of Palinuro, but no less fascinating. The cave is called of Cala Fortuna, because it is said that here fishing with the net has always been very profitable.

3. Cave of the Lovers

Not far from the tower of the Zancale, there is a small cave called the "cave of the Lovers". Its name derives from the curious story told by old sailors, that is, since it is a small cave easily accessible from the port of Marina di Camerota with a small beach inside, this was the ideal place for elopements by young couples, especially for those where families impeded the marriage.

baia degli infreschi excursion

4. Grotta delle Noglie

Not far from the bay of Porto Infreschi, along the east coast of Marina di Camerota, is located the Cave of Noglie, it has the peculiarity of being a cave about three meters high above the water, and this has meant that it was inhabited by humans in different prehistoric eras. The signs of human presence are many and they are preserved especially on the upper part of the wall of the cave, not reached by marine erosion.

grotta delle noglie

5. Cala Bianca

The beach Cala Bianca was declared in 2013 the most beautiful beach in Italy by Legambiente. Its name derives from the beautiful sandy beach mixed with small white pebbles that characterize the surface of the beach. The beach of Cala Bianca, surrounded and immersed in the Mediterranean shrubland, can only be reached in two ways: the first is by boat from Marina di Camerota, the second is on foot from Pozzallo through a path that crosses the Mediterranean shrubland.

cala bianca marina di camerota

6. Pozzallo beach

The beach of Pozzallo is an enchanting place, and unlike the nearby Cala Bianca, benefits from the presence of a small restaurant camouflaged in the green of the Mediterranean vegetation that offers bathers all kinds of services and tasty lunches, typically based on Cilento traditions. The beach of Pozzallo is characterized by a mixture of pebbles and gravel and offers the opportunity to swim in beautiful and crystal clear waters.

How to reach Infreschi bay from Marina di Camerota?

The Bay of Infreschi is located between the coast of Marina di Camerota and that of Scario, not far from Lentiscosa. The beach of Baia degli Infreschi can be reached in three ways, by car, by boat and on foot.

How to get to Infreschi bay by sea

Surely the most fascinating way to reach Baia degli Infreschi is by boat. It can be reached by private boats, by a sea cab service, or by boat trips departing from the port of Marina di Camerota or Scario.

How to arrive at Infreschi bay by car

For those who, for example, arrive from Salerno by car can reach Porto Infreschi by arriving in Lentiscosa. Once here it is only possible to reach the Bay by walking along a path. In case you go by car remember to have shoes suitable for steep paths.

How to reach Infreschi bay on foot

Another way, very interesting, for those who love long walks and trekking is to reach the bay of Infreschi through the trekking path. Once arrived in Marina di Camerota, it is possible to park the car near the beach of Lentiscelle, in front of the small cemetery. From here, once passed the small wooden bridge, which is right at the end of the beach, starts a panoramic and suggestive path, which climbs through the Mediterranean vegetation. Following the path marked on the rocks you will encounter, along the path, the beach of Pozzallo, the beach of Cala Fortuna and Cala Bianca and then arrive at the Bay of Infreschi. This route will last about three hours.

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