Looking for the right hotel in Salerno or luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast?

Find the best places to stay in Salerno and make the most of your trip to the main city of the Amalfi Coast with our area guide.

Plan your perfect stay in Salerno, whether you're searching for family accommodation, cheap places to stay in Salerno, hotels near Salerno’s top attractions, Amalfi Coast hotels, or are looking for a lesser-known area to explore.

Stay in Salerno

Whether you are looking to stay in a bed and breakfast (B&B), or want to treat yourself to a luxury hotel(link a Booking) in the close Amalfi Coast, the city center of Salerno offers many accommodation options.
From your room, you will be steps away from Salerno’s ferry terminal, main station and landmarks, such as Duomo di Salerno and Lungomare.
Stay in Salerno city center and enjoy the many shops, boutique, seafoods restaurants this area is famous for.

Search hotels in Salerno

Whatever your budget, find and book accommodation in Salerno, Amalfi Coast

Why to stay in Salerno city center?

Accomodation in the center of Salerno are good value for money - an ideal choice for the travellers who want to discover the Amalfi Coast, but also the nearby Pompeii and Paestum. The ferry terminal and the main train station are really close each other and represent the best starting point to head up to the main Amalfi Coast cities, as Positano and Amalfi or the island of Capri. Pick a hotel in old town of Salerno for totally immerse yourself in the medieval Salerno, an area noted for its good seafood restaurants, cool bars and old churches.
Anyway stay close to a Salerno train station for easy access to other destinations like Pompeii, Naples and Paestum.

Stay near Salerno: the Amalfi Coast

Book a place to stay in northern part of Salerno area for deeply immersed yourself in the famous Amalfi Coast.
Colorful houses, narrow street markets and pristine beaches. With easy access to transportation hubs, Amalfi and Positano are great base to explore the Amalfi Coast and not only.
Find boutique hotels in Positano, just meters away from the sea. Take photos of colourful houses and hunt for treasures in the quirky shops that cross the city.
Luxury hotels in the upper part of the Amalfi Coast, as Ravello, offer easy access to some of Amalfi Coast's most famous gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.

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