If you think you to reach the Amalfi Coast by car without ferry or public transport, do not take for granted that you'll find a place to park your car and even less that you will find it right where you'll decide to stop!

Car parking in Amalfi Coast

The car parks are critical on the Amalfi Coast: all the coastal towns have both public and private parking spaces, but we must consider that the stopover can cost up to 5 €/hour! Many tourists in the end of vacation say they have spent much more for parking than for everything else:here are some tips to find a parking space in Amalfi, spending a limited budget!

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First figure out just how to get around, and with a few precautions, you can safely deal with this problem, which in addition to cause annoyance to vacationers, it is even more a problem for residents. Then, before leaving, when booking, ask the hotel where you wish to stay if they have a car park or a special fare for the car. Currently the hotels have spaces reserved to their customers, such as indoor or outdoor garage, obviously to book in time!

How to reach the Amalfi Coast without car?

You can reach the Amalfi Coast by ferry and if you do not have special needs, it would be the fastest and less stressful way, as well as exciting for the panorama that will offer you the entire coast from the ferry! However, if you need to travel by car, there is a good alternative to avoid the coastal chaos: you can go to Salerno, find a car parking in Salerno and take the SITA bus to reach the Amalfi Coast. Prices of public transport are quite cheap, about 3.40 € for a 75 minutes ticket.However, a problem is the timetable, first know that it is not easy to find a bus stop with the respective panels of the bus schedules, but if you are lucky enough to find them, they rarely coincide! Indicatively, at stops every half hour a bus passes. On this page you can find all information on timetables, stops and about How to reach the Amalfi Coast.

Parking lots on the Amalfi Coast and fares

The villages on the Amalfi Coast are all vertically developed, then park in such a small space can be difficult. Precisely for this reason we will help you find the parking that best suits your needs in terms of budget and location, through an overview of where to park and how much it costs to park on the Amalfi Coast.

Vietri Coast is one of the towns where parking costs less. The first car park you meet coming from Salerno is at the beginning of Corso Umberto I, the space is large enough for 30 cars at a cost of 2 €/hour. Much more space is down to the sea at "the Marina", because there you will find two huge parking spaces at a cost of € 1.50/hour during the week and 2 €/hour on Saturdays and Sundays.

In Cetara, namely the town of “cianciole”, an hour stop for a swim or enjoy an ice cream, can cost about 3€/hour in public parkings. Specifically, there is a large parking lot (it's blue lines) near the marina, just a short walk from the Beach Marina di Cetara.

In Maiori there is not a real parking lot, but you can park in the blue lines that run along the waterfront, both on holidays and weekdays during the summer, the cost is 3€/hour. If you are luky, there are white lines where to park along Via Chiunzi, of course you'll be a little far away from the city center.
In Minori, such as Maiori, there are blue lines that cross the promenade and at the end of Via Roma there is a small paid parking, for both cars and scooters. From the parking meter you can get tickets than for an hour requires 3€/hour. Continuing on Via Gatto, to Amalfi, you will find in front of Hotel Europa, about 15 parking spaces.

Atrani. Atrani and Amalfi are divided by a very well-lit tunnel, small and easy to cross on foot at night. Parking regulated by blue lines offers few places, the rest of Atrani is already very small in itself. The car can be parked just a few meters from the beach and the cost is about 2.50€/hour.
Amalfi. Just across the tunnel leading from Atrani to Amalfi, on the right there is the parking lot Luna Rossa which costs 3€/hour, you can try to agree on an amount of 30 € for the whole day, hardly in high season. Another car park is The Port at a cost of 3 €/hour. There are white lines 1 km before Amalfi on 366 Agerola, these parking spaces are often full, but along the way there are many points where to park for free. Remember that far from the center, the parking spaces are almost always reserved for residents!

In Ravello you will find a parking lot near to piazza Duomo and the fare is 2.50 €/hour, post-pay. You can buy a day ticket, at the hotels, at a cost of 15 . It is not recommended, but you can stop the car in limited traffic zones, paying up to 5€/hour. Alternatively, you can consider the blue lines down the road Via Giovanni Boccaccio near the Auditorium.

Down to the Praia, namely the characteristic bay that for three quarters occupies the town of Furore, park requires 2,50€/hour.

Praiano is a terraced town, just like Positano, and you have to be very lucky to find blue lines along the streets that are free, especially during the high season. The cost is 2€/hour but, for those who stop by for a minimum of six hours, it is 1€.

In Positano it is advisable to park at Montepertuso or Nocelle area. Here you can take a shuttle "Flavio Gioia" that, at a cost of € 1.60 per person, which goes to the town center. Parking in public spaces will cost 3€/hour, in summer weekends it is almost impossible to find a parking space.

Please also note that in Positano and other towns of the Amalfi Coast the old town is completely pedestrian so there are no roadways leading!

Curiosity about Ravello...by bus!

If you chose to shake off the stress of travel by car in Amalfi and want to reach Ravello by bus, with a little luck you could almost live a unique experience, especially if you can catch the right driver: shaved, earring, cute, driving at the speed of light, but always in an exemplary manner and perfect, as only those who live the curves of the coast every day knows how to do! Sit down and hold your breath, because at every turn it will be like being at the Luna Park!

Useful Tips before you start driving

1. The road 163 "Amalfitana" that connects all the villages of the Coast has only one lane in each direction and during the summer is often busy. It alternates continuous curves to the sea, our advice is to drive with extreme caution eperhaps give way to those who have a little 'more experience, although it is true that one of the most exciting things to do is just drive on the Amalfi Coast.

2. Try to avoid the peak hours, especially during the summer season, so you do not stay stuck in traffic proceeding slowly in the hot sun. The most critical days are on Saturdays and Sundays, from May until early October.

3. LThe scooter and the bike are definitely the most convenient way to get around the coast in complete freedom, without worrying about traffic and parking, almost always free for two-wheeled vehicles. If two people are traveling, you can choose to rent a scooter on the Amalfi Coast, in major urban centers!

4. Remember, you can always reserve a taxi on Amalfi Coast, however it will be the most unpleasant situation for your pockets. Another alternative is the car rental with driver for excursions, tours and transfers on board of luxury cars, with driver or guide in English. In short, there are several alternatives that can be considered, according to your needs related to your budget and comfort you want!

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