The Valle delle Ferriere is a place unique to this world. It can be easily reached on foot from Amalfi in about an hour. It is nice and cool even in the height of summer thanks to the waterfalls and streams running its length. The entire valley can be covered following a network of paths, the main two traditionally denominated sentiero basso (lower trail) and sentiero alto (upper trail).
The most interesting part is without doubt the Nature Reserve (Riserva Naturale Orientata), to be found at its centre.

valle delle ferriere

As a result of its geographical position, this area has benefited from the specific physical and biological characteristics of its environment. Thanks to the high rocky ridges either side of the valley, it is protected from the cold north winds and mainly south facing, thus creating a good ecological terrain with a high degree of humidity and a very moderate range of temperatures.

In this extraordinary environment, colonies of plants of great interest have been able to survive from time immemorial. Some are species dating back to the Tertiary such as thermophiles and in particular the giant fern Woodwardia radicans, identified for the first time in 1710 by the botanist Pier Antonio Micheli. They are a very rare testimony to the preglacial flora of Italy, which only here and in areas such as the Vallone Porto of Positano, found sufficient moisture to satisfy their needs.

Here too can be seen spotted salamanders from the Caudata order of the Salamandridae family, or ferns such as Pteris cretica and Pteris vittata, or the carnivorous plant Pinguicola hirtiflora. This entire ecosystem represents something unique of invaluable scientific and naturalistic value.

Riserva Statale Valle delle Ferriere (Italia)

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