Ferriere Waterfalls Tickets: Guided Tour from Amalfi

The valle delle Ferriere in Amalfi

valle delle ferriere

The valle delle Ferriere in Amalfi is a unique place, located in a particular position, between the Lattari mountains of Scala, which protect it from cold winds and open to the hot-humid southern currents, therefore subject to abundant rainfall. It boasts physical and biological characteristics that have made it possible to preserve unharmed plant species of distant ages. In particular, here it is possible to find a rare plant: the Woodwardia radicans, example of a plant of the pre-glacial period.

Easily accessible on foot from Amalfi, the valle delle Ferriere is a perfect place able to surprise the casual tourist and to satisfy lovers of hiking, thanks to the beauty of the vegetation and the coolness that can be found in the middle of summer thanks to the waterfalls and streams that flow along the entire valley. The sentieristica present in the zone concurs to cover the entire valley through 2 main paths, traditionally defined low path and high path.
. The most interesting part of the valley is undoubtedly the Riseva Naturale Orientata, which is located in the middle of the valley.

In this extraordinary environment, colonies of plants of great interest have been able to survive from time immemorial. Some are species dating back to the Tertiary such as thermophiles and in particular the giant fern Woodwardia radicans, identified for the first time in 1710 by the botanist Pier Antonio Micheli. They are a very rare testimony to the preglacial flora of Italy, which only here and in areas such as the Vallone Porto of Positano, found sufficient moisture to satisfy their needs.

Also found here is the spotted salamander, an urodeles belonging to the Salamandridae family. There is also Pteris cretica, Pteris vittata and the carnivorous plant Pinguicola hirtiflora.
This entire ecosystem represents something unique of invaluable scientific and naturalistic value.

Valle delle Ferriere: trekking trails

valle delle ferriere amalfi

Leaving from Amalfi

The low path of Valle delle Ferriere, also known by hikers as path 325, starts from Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi. The trekking route allows you to visit both the town and the most significant area of the Valley, always along the Canneto torrent, ending with the very famous Riserva Naturale Orientata. In fact, we pass through Piazza Duomo, and then go north along the main street of Amalfi, as well as the first part of the Valle dei Mulini until we reach the Paper Museum. From the Paper Museum proceed to the right (Via Orso Leone Comite) and, after a few meters, take the staircase on the left (Via Grade Lunghe) that leads to the area of the ancient paper mills. Then continue along the path that skirts the Canneto torrent and, after crossing it, climb up to an altitude of 288 meters, where you will find the Aqueduct that captures the water of the Canneto stream to feed the hydroelectric plant.

Here you can book a full guided tour departing from Amalfi.

Leaving from Pontone

The starting point from Pontone for the trek to the Ferriere Valley is located in Piazza San Giovanni. The village of Pontone, a part of Scala at 225 meters above sea level can be reached from Amalfi or Ravello by bus that connects the cities of Amalfi, Ravello and Scala.
From Pontone, starting from the square, it is necessary to take the small road slightly uphill on the back of the fountain and follow the mule track following the main path and leaving on the right the steep stairs. After about 200 meters, you will find a staircase that leads directly to Amalfi and a path that goes into the valley, continue along the path, which runs through woods, streams and waterfalls, until you reach an aqueduct and after this you will reach the first ironworks and the Canneto stream. The latter was used as motive power of the mills of the ancient paper mills of Amalfi. The route ends at the intersection with path 325.

Leaving from Agerola

n case of departure from Agerola, it is necessary to know that also in this case the trekking trail towards Valle delle Ferriere is of slight difficulty but with a longer duration (about 3 hours) and a difference in height of 500 meters downhill and 250 uphill. From the starting point, located at 630 meters above sea level, follow the direction of the Lauritano Castle and the path to Monte Murillo (849 m.) continuing to the Valle dei Mulini.

Valle delle Ferriere: where to park

  • AMALFI: In Amalfi you can park your car just near the beginning of the path, a few meters from the beach and the cost is about 2.50 € / hour, places are limited.
  • PONTONE: For those who take the path from Pontone, before the entrance to the village, you will find white stripes, while continuing inside the village you will find blue stripes, or paid parking, at a cost of 1.50 € / hour, both on weekdays and on holidays.
Riserva Statale Vallone delle Ferriere (Italia)

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