The top 5 things to do in Cilento

The top sights and things to do during a weekend or vacation in Cilento

Not only the sea but natural parks, archaeological sites and medieval villages: here are top things to do during your trip to Cilento among the ruins of Paestum and Velia, Certosa di Padula, zipline experience and trekking at the Gole del Calore.

1. Ruins of Paestum and archeological area of Velia

Both the ruins of Paestum and that of Velia have been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and therefore both are worth a visit. The archaeological area of Paestum consists of three Doric temples that stand majestically between the Forum, the Agora and the Amphitheater of Poseidonia, the ancient name of Paestum in honor of Poseidon, god of the sea. Besides the things to do, a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Paestum is a must, here you can find pieces of inestimable value such as the famous Tomb of the Diver.
The archaeological area of Velia, founded around 540 B.C. by Phocean colonists, is another important archaeological site of Cilento. At the time of the Greeks it was called Elea but later the Romans renamed it Velia, as Pliny wrote in the Naturalis Historia. Today of the ancient city we can observe the remains of the city gates (Porta Rosa and Porta Marina), a thermal building, the acropolis, the agora and the sanctuary of Poseidon Asphaleios.

paestum ruins

2. Cilento in Volo

For those who are looking for an adrenaline experience in Cilento, it will be possible to have unique and unforgettable emotions among uncontaminated nature and breathtaking views with Cilento in Volo: it is the first zipline realized in Cilento. A panoramic flight at a height of about 1000 feet at 75 mph will allow you to live a unique experience and remain at the same time enchanted by the view that will be revealed to your eyes, a minute and a half of pure adrenaline!

cilento in volo

3. The Padula Charterhouse

Recognized in 1998 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Charterhouse of San Lorenzo, otherwise known as the Certosa di Padula, is certainly one of the most beautiful and suggestive places of the whole Cilento. It is one of the most magnificent baroque monumental complexes in southern Italy so if you are traveling in Cilento, it is definitely a place to visit.

certosa di padula

4. Gole del Calore

The Calore Gorges are another of the natural wonders of Cilento. Over the decades, the Calore river has gouged out and shaped the rocks, creating real gorges. The Calore Gorges are located in Felitto, in the locality of Remolino, and they represent the perfect place to do many activities: trekking, canoeing, picnic. Moreover, in spring and summer it is also possible to bathe in the waters of the river.

gole del calore

5. Boat excursion to Capo Palinuro

Between the top things to do in Cilento you cannot miss a boat trip. Along the rugged promontory of Cape Palinuro you can admire numerous natural wonders, including numerous bays and picturesque sea caves. The Grotta Azzurra, the Grotta del Sangue, Cala Fetente and the Buon Dormire bay are just some of the natural marvels you can admire.

palinuro boat excursion

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