The harbor of Salerno is located on the wharf Manfredi of the commercial port of the city and will be directly connected with the Piazza della Libertà and the city promenade. In 2013 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage has entered the maritime terminal in the selected group of architectural projects of high quality.

The History of Salerno Maritime Terminal

The Salerno Maritime Terminal was commissioned in 2000 by Mayor Vincenzo De Luca to meet the growing demand for landing cruise by various companies, such as MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruises.The city administration, at the end of an international competition of ideas, commissioned architect Zaha Hadid, the task of creating a modern and functional maritime terminal. Its geographical position, barycentric among the Amalfi and Cilento coasts, the partenopean islands, the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Paestum, make the maritime station an ideal destination for cruise traffic.

Salerno Maritime Terminal, the ideal harbor cruise for cruise passengers

salerno maritime terminal

The winner has designed a building projected toward the sea to become one of the landmark of the new city of Salerno along with the big square Libertà (thirty thousand square meters), the nourishment of the beach promenade of the entire city, the restructuring of the marinas that will live right in the intense relationship between the sea and the city. In January 2012, works began to roof insulation and consolidation of the wharf Manfredi, in June 2012, the installation of the LEDs, and in September 2012 those of the roof lining with ceramic tiles. Therefore, the work that has been structurally completed in 2015 is waiting to be opened for the 2016/2017 cruise season.

The Maritime Terminal and its services

The harbor of Salerno will have the important objective to offer and coordinate a range of services related to the cruise traffic, including:

  • luggage service;
  • information desk;
  • taxi service and car rental;
  • shuttle service to the city center;
  • small refreshment - bar;
  • telephone services;
  • box for travel agency;
  • area for inspection by the customs;
  • finance and police;
  • artistic events.
Via Porto, 122, 84121 Salerno

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