1. Salerno – Immersion between past and future

If you decide to visit Salerno, you will find a world in a Province: a variety of landscapes and natural realities, rich in history, legends and traditions are waiting to be discovered. Today the city of Salerno offers its visitors a mild climate for most of the year and it's known for the excellent cuisine. Here, tradition and modernity combine together through large urban transformations that integrate with the glorious past of the ancient Longobard kingdom.

2. Salerno – Between Architecture and Infrastructures

Salerno is one of the cities of Italy, which is implementing a program of urban transformation that changes progressively and radically the look of the city. It is becoming more visible a real urban revolution that includes important infrastructure and presents extraordinary works of contemporary architecture. These high quality architectural projects change the destiny and the life of its community and become an important tourist attractions for Salerno in the world.

3. Salerno – Local food and Gastronomy

In a such a vast territory where Mother Nature has been so generous, during your visit you could not certainly miss typical dishes of salernitana cuisine that reminds the simple life and the taste of fresh ingredients. Combination of healthy and good food with pleasure of sitting at the table for a long time with friends and family. A cuisine rich in vegetables, legumes, olive oil, cheese, meat and fish which frame the Mediterranean diet.

Visit Salerno and Amalfi Coast, to discover, to see, to eat, and to live...

Crediti: ToSalerno

4. Salerno – Things to do during your holidays

Salerno enjoys a strategic position to visit the main attractions of Campania, especially the areas of the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. You can have so many things to do in Salerno: excursions by land or by sea, trekking along stunning paths, the opportunity to do water sports. Remember to participate in city life through numerous events, food festivals, festivities.

5. Salerno - Between Amalfi Coast and Cilento

The province of Salerno makes the variety of tourism its undeniable strength: an ancient land, with an history that can be read in the numerous monuments that represent a real "widespread museum", an unforgettable experience for the many tourists who love art and culture or to spend eventful summer vacation or a relaxing Christmas holidays. From Salerno train station you can reach all places of interest of the Amalfi Coast such as: Positano, Amalfi, Vietri Sul Mare, Ravell as well as discover the wilds of Cilento.

6. Salerno – city for Beauty and Wellness

The province of Salerno is a favorite destination for lovers of thermal centers, already known in antiquity, and they are a reference point for the whole South of Italy for its spa treatments or mud baths, for patients in need of treatment for specific diseases or people interested in slimming, relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. In Salerno you can also simply spend a few days of wellness.

7. Salerno – century old Traditions and Craftsmanship

In the province of Salerno are still practiced various crafts of ancient origin whose secrets are handed down from father to son. The craftsmanship in Salerno and province, in fact, still preserves its traditional characteristics, but is also in step with the times by producing objects that meet even the taste of those who love beautiful and original things, beyond the current trend. For this reason in the province of Salerno the town of Vietri sul Mare is famous worldwide for its ceramics plenty of colors.

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