parco del mercatello

The Parco del Mercatello was inaugurated on February 6th 1998 with the presence of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, former President of the Republic. With its 10 hectares is one of the largest urban parks in Italy, in relation to the number of residents. It connects three neighborhoods of the city of Salerno: Mariconda, Mercatello and Quartiere Europa. The small river flowing through it, the rock garden, which collects cactus plants of the Foundation Acquaviva, the artificial lake and the canal are among the most scenic locations. A large space has been reserved to the initiatives of the show and a kiosk - bar refreshes the many patrons of the park in all seasons of the year.
The wide and varied green area is divided into four "thematic" sectors on the basis of the different planted tree species: "naturalistic area", along the creek Mercatello and around the pond; "Area of the Mediterranean garden", characterized by long majolica arcades covered with climbing plants; "Area of the orchard", remains of the agricultural plant area; "Area of the lawn".

The rock garden and the collection Acquaviva

In order to protect and enhance the precious collection of cacti and succulent, it was built a greenhouse in the Parco del Mercatello: the ideal from the point of view of aesthetics, the optimal setting from the botanical point of view. The greenhouse was surrounded by flower beds, which are also decorated with succulents, which introduce the visitor to the different subspecies and extraordinary and incomparable specimens kept inside the rock garden. The greenhouse of Parco del Mercatello is today among the most rich and precious in the southern Italy: a point of reference for scholars and lovers of botany, a must for tourists, an oasis of pleasant break for citizens .

Free Internet

At the Park Wi-fi is active. Use it is simple: reach the Parco del Mercatello, with notebook or smartphone, simply turn on the wireless radio and the system will automatically recognize the wireless network of the City of Salerno. When you open the browser, the user will be directed automatically to the registration page where, in accordance with the law on anti-terrorism Pisanu, you must provide your personal details and your cell phone number, where the applicant will receive an SMS with username and password to access the network and then navigate freely.

  • Location: Salerno
  • District: Quartiere Europa, Mariconda, Mercatello
  • Entrance: Via Angrisani, via Limongelli, viale Gramsci
Ticket price: free
Opening Hours
From October to April9:00 - 23:00
From May to September08:00 - 24:00
NOTE: The entry is allowed up to 30 minutes before the closing time.

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