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Among the first towns where it was discovered in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the existence of the paper, if you want to take for granted the information contained in notarial deeds discussing of the existence of paper products, while not specifying whether these were imported from other places and traded in the above mentioned places, there were the territories of the Maritime Republics: Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa and Venice who had warehouses both in Syria, both on the coast of Palestine, where they were precisely located the major centers for the production of paper.

These republics also had intense trade relations with the East and they could learn from the Eastern art of making paper without too much difficulty, or it is possible that on board the galleys, which in medieval times shuttled between our coasts and the Holy Land to transport crusaders and merchandises, they are embarked "Magisters in art cartarum" which as skilled labor have introduced this type of work.
Amalfi is the oldest of the Maritime Republics, as early as the ninth century had its warehouses in Palermo and Messina and Syracuse, where the Amalfitana is still present in local place names. Age-old remains the question on the primacy of paper in Italy and then in Europe and in contention are mainly Amalfi and Fabriano.

The "Foundation Paper Museum" has always worked to spread, disclose and document what concerns the art of making handmade paper of Amalfi. All this is possible thanks to the work of its founder: Nicola Milano. He was forced to close the paper mill because it was impossible to continue to support the high costs resulting mainly from the lack of transport to link road. The last was closed in 1969 and was donated to the nascent Foundation, which he strongly desired and commissioned in November 1971, which was supposed to manage the big idea: the "Paper Museum".
Idea that through many problems and vicissitudes came today to be a concrete and interesting reality aimed at preservation of historical heritage and the recovery of ancient arts such as the manufacture of handmade paper.

Via delle Cartiere, 23 Amalfi SA
+39 089.8304561
Ticket price: €4(adults) | €2.50(students) | 3.50€(over 70 and group +10)
Opening Hours March-October
Opening Hours November-February

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