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Palinuro: beaches, blue sea and caves inspired part of the Aeneid

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Palinuro is one of the most appreciated seaside resorts of the Cilento by tourists. The crystal clear sea, the many sandy beaches and the central location in the Cilento National Park make Palinuro an ideal place to spend the summer holidays, in fact there are numerous resorts and tourist villages on the sea as well as the areas equipped for camping.

Guide of Palinuro, Cilento

Among the olive trees of the green hills and the crystal clear blue sea, Palinuro has always fascinated travelers of all times as Virgilio tells of a steep promontory in the verses of the Aeneid.
Among the most beautiful beaches of Cilento there are the beaches of Palinuro, wide and sandy, as well as Blue Flags awarded beaches. Among the most recognized beaches of Palinuro there are the Saline Beach, Dune Beach and the Beach of Arco Naturale, the most famous is the Buondormire Beach, accessible only by sea.
You can not spend the holidays in Palinuro without visiting the caves of Capo Palinuro, that have nothing to envy to the Blue Grotto of Capri.
By night Palinuro becomes a pedestrian area with disco, bars, ice cream shops and attractions, it is a very welcome destination for young people with its night clubs, certainly not lacking typical restaurants where you can taste sea food dishes and typical Cilento cuisine.
One of the most important events in Palinuro is La Notte del Mito which falls on August 23rd of each year and celebrates the passage of ships running from the city of Troy. One of the many opportunities to have fun on the beach between night swimming and camping.

CURIOSITY: The Capo Palinuro lighthouse is the second highest in Italy over 70 meters. It is worth visiting especially for the magnificent panorama that opens in front of you.

Therefore Palinuro is one of the most sought-after summer destinations of Cilento, ideal place for those who want to relax at one of the many tourist villages, but it is also the ideal destination for those who love to get around in a group and have fun together.

What to know about Palinuro

Ideal for:
  • those who love the tourist villages on the sea
  • those in search of sandy beaches
  • those who like to have fun with friends in nightclubs
Not the best destination for:
  • for those who enjoy the most exclusive and chic holiday

How to get to Palinuro

HOW TO GET TO PALINURO: Palinuro is located in the heart of Cilento and is the third largest town you meet coming from the south. It is 10 km from Marina di Camerota and 37 km from Sapri.
HOW TO GET TO BY TRAIN: Palinuro is connected to major cities of Campania such as Naples and Salerno thanks to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria railway network. The train station stop is Pisciotta-Palinuro, which is 8 km from the city center.
From North: for those coming from Milan, Rome and Naples take the A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria and exit at Battipaglia continue on SS 18 towards Agropoli / Vallo della Lucania and then the SS 18 direction Futani. Exit at Poderia and from there proceed towards Palinuro on the SS 562 which runs along the river Mingardo.
From South: for those coming from Calabria or Bari, from the A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria, exit at Buonabitacolo and continue on the SS 517. Once in Policastro Bussentino turn right and take the SS 18; continuing on this road exit at Poderia and from there proceed towards Palinuro on the SS 562 which runs along the river Mingardo.
PALINURO BY SEA: Palinuro is also accessible by boat from Salerno thanks to the Metro del Mare.

Things to see in Palinuro

3 things to do in Palinuro

  1. Walk and relax on Buon Dormire Beach.
  2. Boat trips to the sea caves of Capo Palinuro.
  3. Diving in Capo Palinuro.

Going on vacation to Palinuro without take a boat excursion to the caves is really unforgivable.
With stalagmites and remains of prehistoric animals, the most popular is the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto, whose characteristic color made it the right fame, then there is Grotta del Sangue or Blood Grotto where the waters take on mostly reddish shades and Grotta dei Monaci or Monks Grotto, It characterized by limestone formations that recall the appearance of "monks".

CURIOSITY: Among the interesting things to do in Palinuro there is a very curious rock shaped like ... Rabbit! An islet topped by a thick forest that resembles a lying rabbit.

The caves are also the ideal place for diving, in fact there are legendary diving, among them the one at the Grotta Azzurra Capo Palinuro presenting reasons of interest such that they can be called unique.
After spending the time in the tourist villages and sea camps and have walked on the most beautiful beaches of Palinuro, you'll definitely want to find out what are the other things to see in Palinuro and surroundings:

Tour in Cilento

The position of Palinuro is ideal to combine the pleasant and long vacations at resorts with fascinating visits to discover the past, like the Greek temples of Paestum, and natural beauty of the Cilento. But that's not all, you will have the opportunity to take guided tours with tasting at the many farms, with production path to make for example the Mozzarella di Bufala!

Explore and discover the things to see in Cilento

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