minerva gardens

The Garden of Minerva was created in the eighteenth century by Matteo Silvatico a prominent physician of the famous Salerno Medical School, the oldest university of medicine in the world, among the biggest titles of the pride of the city of Salerno. Dr. Silvatico realized in this garden the first example of a botanical garden: an educational area where doctors were teaching students to recognize the "simple", the plants used to treat diseases. A garden that Silvatico enriched with rare and exotic species discovered during his many travels.

Today, the historic Minerva Gardens represent one of the most important and significant pieces of the rebirth of the historic center of Salerno developed in the nineties and is fundamental stage of all major tours of the city. The Garden, in synergy with the "Foundation Salerno Medical School" and with some local associations, offers animated guided tours, reception services and cultural refreshment in line with the history of places and the memory of the Salerno Medical School. There are also held teaching and scientific activities.

minerva gardens

At the Minerva Gardens it is possible to see some medieval painted tiles, discovered during the restoration of the dominating Capasso Palace. The garden hosts exhibitions and events particularly interesting in all seasons. The refreshment bar is run by Nemus Association, specialized in the preparation of herbal teas with local and certificate products.

The Pharmacy Museum On May 3rd 2008 it was inaugurated in Salerno, in the Gardens of Minerva, the Pharmacy Museum in memory of Rosario Mazzella. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Maria Antonietta Petruzzi Mazzella that, with the aim of creating an exhibition, has free loan to the municipal administration vintage material belonging to his father, an estimated pharmacist, you can see materials and valuable books in the restored Palazzo Capasso.

The material exhibited:

  1. Digital scale
  2. Laboratory Glassware
  3. Pillbox
  4. Mortar
  5. Ceramic pharmacy vaseria
  6. Syringe
  7. Measuring cups
  8. Alembic
  9. Ebulliometer
  10. Laboratory compressor

Text list:

  1. Farmacopea del 1735 di Niccolo Lemery, stamperia dell’Hertz di Venezia
  2. Medicamenti (2 tomi – dell’inizio del ‘900)
  3. Trattato di Farmacologia (Primo ‘900)
  4. Raccolta di riviste farmaceutiche (1889-1993)
  5. Elementi di fisica (1841)
  • Location: Salerno
  • District: Old Town
  • Entrance: Via Ferrante Sanseverino
+39 089.252423
Ticket price: 3€
Opening Hours
NOTE: The entry is allowed up to 30 minutes before the closing time.

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