Luci d'Artista Salerno 2023


Luci d'Artista 2023, discover the Christmas lights in Salerno

Luci d'Artista back in Salerno!

The Luci d'Artista 2023 event is back in Salerno with a new and very special edition with plenty of new features. As usual, for this 18th edition, Salerno's Christmas lights will propose again new and interesting themes, able to fascinate and enchant the many tourists and families who will decide to spend a few days in the " Capital " of Christmas lights in southern Italy.


The Christmas event Luci d'Artista is back in Salerno from November 24, 2023 until January 21, 2024. Every day starting at 5 p.m., the main street, the City Gardens and numerous squares will be lighted up with the magnificent Christmas lights. So the spectacular and striking display of artistic lights is ready to light up the city's streets, squares and gardens, making the atmosphere of the Christmas season, even more magical! What are you waiting for, come and visit the Christmas lights of Salerno!

Luci d'Artista Salerno 2023: all you need to know


At the municipal villa, the animal zoo will be revived, but with new creatures that will bring to life an evocative animal world. More novelties in Flavio Gioia Square, where the main theme will be the marine world of the jellyfish, along the shopping street Vittorio Emanuele 230 luminous bodies and colored spheres will be the protagonists of the artistic work "The Worlds" making the main pedestrian shopping street of the city even more attractive and elegant. Also at Freedom square you will find a huge golden Gift Pack, at Largo Campo square the light work "The Butterfly Fairy", along the old Via dei Mercanti the "Four Seasons", and finally polar bears in Pastena.


For this XVIII edition, Salerno's magnificent Christmas tree, purchased by the City of Salerno for a total expenditure of 210 thousand euros in the past editions, will dominate Portanova Square with its 20 meters high, 800 branches and 72 thousand white LEDs with flashing effect. So, are you ready to take your super personal selfie with this magnificent Christmas tree?


For the big New Year's Eve concert in Salerno 2023 there have been no official announcements yet from the City of Salerno, but as per tradition surely an Italian singer-songwriter or a band of national or why not international appeal is expected! As usual, the concert is expected to be held in Piazza Amendola, but twists and turns are not ruled out with it being moved to Piazza della Libertà.

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All you need to know about the Salerno's Christmas Lights

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Spend Christmas and New Year in Salerno!

Santa's house, magical atmosphere and much more...

If you love Christmas and travelling, Salerno is a destination you can not miss at all. With its ancient streets of the old town illuminated by Christmas Lights, it has nothing to envy to the best Christmas markets in Vienna, Strasbourg and Brussels.
A perfect opportunity to discover what the city has to offer: monuments, museums, gardens and picturesque places...
All of the past editions of Salerno Luci d'Artista event, with the lovely light artworks, in the squares, gardens and along the main streets, have made the entire city of Salerno a tourist attraction not only in the summer but also in the winter period.
So what are you waiting for? Do not miss the amazing show of the enchanted garden at the Villa Comunale, the 28 meters high Christmas tree, the promenade and much more... book now your stay in the city, the Salerno's Christmas Lights are waiting for you!