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The Salerno Crescent is a new semi-circular building located at the end of the Promenade of Salerno (Lungomare di Salerno), about 30 meters high, designed by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill.
The Crescent, along with the Piazza della Libertà (Freedom Square), is one of the most important urban projects designed by the Municipality of Salerno.
The Bofil architect's idea is to create a new image and identity of the seafront of Salerno, the building that decrees the opening of the city to the sea.

Salerno Crescent: the project

The Crescent is going to be configured as a semi-circular ring built around the the largest square in front of the sea of Italy: Piazza della Libertà, conveying the traffic flow to the underground public parking. The square covers about 27,000 square meters, its floor is inspired by the Norman geometries which have their traces in the historical center of the city. The square will have the shape of a triangle and on the vertex of which is located the so-called diamond characterized by a stretch of water, an ideal visual link with the sea.
The Crescent of Salerno will be the new center of gravity of the city. Target of the maritime walk, through the aggregation of different nature functions: commercial area, residential area, office area and parking.

The Crescent rises on a shopping arcade porticoed on the square level. The first level above the ground and the mezzanine floor have a purely commercial function; the five levels higher are intended for residential use, with 120 apartments whose functional distribution is characterized by a succession of modules containing two apartments and/or offices. In the two underground levels, then, they are located parkings, consisting of 157 boxes connected by the same blocks with elevators to the halls of the ground floor in the various sectors, giving access to residential units or those intended for production and services.

The "Crescent" offers the tones and colors of the city and the last level favors the privileged views of the entire Gulf of Salerno: from the Amalfi Coast to the Cilento headland, Crescent of Salerno allows the person who chooses it as his residence, the privilege of enjoying, at every hour of the day, of one of the most admired landscapes in the world. Living in Crescent means to live in lunate Gulf (Golfo Lunato)..

Crescent, 84121 Salerno
+39 081 967869

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