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Cilento in Volo

Cilento in Volo Zipline- the most exciting attraction in Cilento, Italy

Experience a unique and unforgettable experience among unspoiled nature and breathtaking views
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The first zipline realized in Cilento to allow a unique and adrenaline experience of panoramic flight at more than 75 mph speed and able to be fascinated by the panorama that unfolds before your eyes in about a minute and a half.
At a height of more than 300 meters, immersed in uncontaminated nature, the zipline will allow you to admire sunsets and 360-degree views, the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, the archaeological area and the beautiful waters of the sea of Paestum and Cilento Coast.

Cilento in Volo: useful information

  • Cilento in Volo height: it starts from 593 meters of the starting point to 417 meters of the arrival point.
  • Cilento in Volo length: the zipline covers about 1 mile of path.
  • Cilento in Volo duration: the duration of the flight is about 1 minute and a half.
  • Cilento in Volo is available both during the day and at night (depending on the period and weather conditions).
  • The minimum weight to fly is 35 kg and the minimum height is 1.20 meters.
  • It is possible to make single flights and in pairs.
  • The starting point is equipped with a panoramic elevator that allows access to people with reduced mobility, terraces, refreshments, artistic fountain, maxi screen for the live projection of your flight.
  • For the flight is recommended to wear comfortable clothing, avoiding accessories or garments that can get caught or fall.
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How to get to the Cilento in Volo Zipline

How to reach Cilento in Volo at Trentinara in Cilento?

The zipline Cilento in volo is located in Trentinara in Cilento, a few miles from the city of Salerno and Pastum, located in one of the most scenic places in the area. So if you are visiting the ruins of Paestum, the zipline is only few miles away.
For those coming from the highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, we recommend the exit of Battipaglia, then continue on the SS 18 towards Paestum and exit at Capaccio Scalo. From Capaccio Scalo follow the indications for Trentinara.
Once you are there, it is advisable not to arrive by car or motorcycle in front of the entrance of the structure, in Via Panoramica, as there is a LTZ (Limited Traffic Zone). However, it is possible to park 100 feet before the entrance of the structure at a municipal parking and easily reach the structure on foot.

How to return to the starting point of Cilento in Volo?

Experienced the flight and then arrived at the station of arrival, there will be a free shuttle to take you back to the structure of departure. Alternatively you can return through the "trekking path" where you can admire the "Cascata del Solofrone".

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