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The best way to get around the Amalfi Coast is by ferry! You will get a first class view of the coastline from the blue and clear sea. We will give you special tips!

Amalfi Coast by ferry

Driving on the narrow winding roads along the Amalfi Coast, which follows the shoreline from Sorrento south to Salerno, is once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we think that the best way to get around is by ferry! You will get a first class view of the coastline from the blue and clear sea. We lately receive a lot of questions about using the ferries instead of reaching the Amalfi Coast by local bus or via taxi which are very uncomfortable and expensive especially during the summer. So we will give you special tips!

Discover the Amalfi Coast by sea: Take a ferry!

The best way to get around the towns within the Amalfi Coast is by ferry: daily departures from Salerno, Amalfi and Positano

from € 5 per ride

When do the ferries run on the Amalfi Coast?

Ferry routes to and from the Amalfi Coast usually run from April to October. The Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi route begins running in mid-May. During winter season, the only active ferry routes are those between Sorrento and Naples, and Naples or Sorrento and the islands. Services run through the autumn until the end of October or the beginning of November, anyway they are weather dependent. If you are planning on visiting in the early spring or late autumn, consider a plan B, because in case of rough seas, routes may be suspended.

Where are the ferry terminals of departure for Amalfi Coast?

First of all there are no ferry routes which connect Naples and the Amalfi Coast. In Salerno, there are two ports: Piazza Concordia and Molo Manfredi. Piazza Concordia is directly across from the train station, while Molo Manfredi is a few kilometers away. Sometimes, during peak summer season there is ferry service from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast. Gescab company offers ferry service connecting Amalfi and Positano from Capri. However the most extensive ferry service is run by Travelmar which connects the cities of Salerno, Amalfi and Positano. It also offers connections among Minori, Maiori and Amalfi.

Where do the ferries stop on the Amalfi Coast?

Mainly the ferries stop to Positano and Amalfi, where the ferry service is very focused. However, there are connections between Minori and Maiori with Amalfi town, so that you can reach Salerno, Positano and Capri.

What about the ferries prices on the Amalfi Coast?

Prices may vary and this depends on the length of your journey and the company you choose. Actually average price is 8-12€, but more for the route from Salerno to Positano. There are discounts available for children under 12 and children under 3 travel free.

Where can I find the ferry schedule on the Amalfi Coast?

Sometimes it might be difficult to find information in English on the connections by sea to the Amalfi Coast, but on Amalfi Coast Ferry Connections you will find the ferry schedules to and from the Amalfi Coast.

Should the ferry be booked before?

If you are traveling during the months of July and August and on holidays weekend, it is advisable to purchase your tickets before for the routes to and from Capri. You can also purchase ferry tickets in advance directly at the port. Also, remember that if you purchase tickets online, you will have to present your voucher at the ferry ticket window to receive your tickets.
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What’s the best place to sit on the ferry?

Well, this depends on the route. If you are going from Amalfi to Positano or Capri, once you get on the boat prefer the right side. As well, if you are heading from Capri or Positano to Amalfi choose the left side. All the ferries have two levels of seating, the upper one is open on the top: the two views of the coastline are always great, just make sure you are on the correct side of the boat. And if the ferry is crowded, do not worry, because you can always move around and take amazing photos.

Is it possible to take luggage on the ferry?

Yes, it is. Many people do, but remember that you might need to pay an extra fee for each large luggage and the surcharge is 2€ per bag.

Ferry to Ravello?

Funny question: Ravello is situated 365 meters above sea level so it is not possible to use the ferry. You simply can take a ferry to Amalfi and then a local bus or a taxi and continue up to te city of music!

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