From the beautiful Vietri sul Mare to the famous Positano, along a road that marks one of the most extraordinary and evocative coastlines of the Tyrrhenian Sea, discovering the Amalfi Coast, a World Heritage Site. An itinerary to discover what to see on the Amalfi Coast in 2 days through some of the most beautiful towns in Campania, characterized by unparalleled panoramic views, small streets full of local artisans' stores and much more. So, if you're short on time, just discover with us this short tour of the Amalfi Coast in 48 hours.

1. Salerno

The tour to the exploration of the Amalfi Coast starts from Salerno, exactly from the most characteristic place of the city: the Lungomare Trieste, one of the most beautiful promenades in Italy. Leaving the car in Piazza della Concordia, immediately in front of you there will be a splendid view, the one of the gulf of Salerno and the first part of the Amalfi Coast. Continuing the walk along the promenade, we will meet the beautiful garden of the Villa Comunale of Salerno. From here, you can venture into the picturesque streets of the historic center, discovering the street art of the district Fornelle, the monumental complex of San Pietro a Corte and the Duomo di Salerno. For the more curious, the attractions to see in the historic center of Salerno are not yet finished, in fact you could still visit: the Church of the Crucifix, dating back to 1000 AD, the medieval aqueduct in Via Arce and the temple of Pomona and the gardens of Minerva.

TO DO: you might consider having lunch at one of the restaurants in the center, to taste some local specialties such as mozzarella di Bufala and seafood dishes.


2. Vietri sul Mare and ceramics

Starting from the city of Salerno, we can continue to the Amalfi Coast, which particularly in the summer months, experiences a real blast of colors and has as its effective starting point the nearby Vietri sul Mare: famous and appreciated for the uniqueness and beauty of ceramics, which are produced here. In fact, Vietri sul Mare is home to an interesting museum dedicated to Ceramics of Vietri. Also not to be missed during the visit of Vietri there is definitely the Cathedral dedicated to St. John. Afterwards, from Vietri, you can take the SS 163, also known as the Amalfitana road, and continue towards the following villages of the coast.

SUMMER ADVICE: You could spend the night in one of the hotels in Vietri sul Mare, many of which have a great location, overlooking the sea, and then enjoy the next morning a few hours of relaxation on the beach of Marina di Vietri.

vietri sul mare

3. Cetara and the Colatura di Alici

The first village we find after Vietri is Cetara with its houses that populate the valley at the foot of Mount Falerio. It is a fishing village that offers visitors the atmosphere of an ancient seafaring village with its typical small port. Admirable in all its baroque splendor, certainly worth a visit the ancient church of St. Peter the Apostle and that of St. Francis, which houses two wonderful masterpieces by Marco Benincasa: Deposition and Paradise and the Trinity. The maritime activity of Cetara is certainly reflected in its gastronomic tradition: the most famous product is the Colatura di Alici, prepared with a traditional method, handed down from generation to generation.

cetara itinerario

4. Maiori and Minori

Returning along the SS 163, we then reach Maiori, which lies in the valley of the Reginna torrent. The heart of the city is Corso Reginna, overlooked by the nineteenth-century Palazzo Comunale, with its splendid gardens, and the church of San Rocco. From one side of the main street you arrive on the Lungomare Amendola, which gives the opportunity to admire the splendid scenery of the coast and the small grouped houses that overlook the sea. Not far from here, moreover, you can visit the Church of Santa Maria a Mare with its characteristic dome decorated with majolica tiles. Maiori is a renowned seaside resort and its beach is obviously its main attraction. From here you can embark for the boat tour on the Amalfi Coast.

TO TASTE: For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend heading to the nearby Minori, and enjoy a nice slice of cake or a delicious dessert from the famous pastry shop Sal de Riso, such as the lemon delight or the ricotta and pear cake.

5. Amalfi: the Ancient Maritime Republic

Back on the SS 163, where driving becomes pleasant thanks to the alternating curves and never losing sight of the Gulf of Salerno, we reach the beautiful city of Amalfi. Amalfi was one of the ancient maritime republics, and here it is worth visiting the Amalfi Cathedral and taste the famous liqueur limoncello, produced with lemons of the Amalfi Coast PGI, in the characteristic and lovely stores of typical products. For lovers of history, it may be very interesting to visit, in the area of the marina near the tourist port, the Museo dell'Arsenale which tells the story of the Ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi.


6. Positano: shopping and nightlife

The last stop is perhaps one of the most famous places of the Amalfi Coast: Positano. Once here it is recommended to go to the parking lot at the top of the town to leave the car, and then walk the streets from the heart of Positano, running into the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, come up to the historic square on the waterfront where depopulated the many stores of local crafts and luxury boutiques. Built on a terraced terrain, full of citrus plants and colorful houses, Positano is the symbol of the Amalfi Coast, not surprisingly perhaps the most photographed place in Italy.

Advise: Positano is famous for shopping, along its many narrow streets, there are many boutiques and local craft stores selling the typical and characteristic clothing of the known Positano Fashion: that is clothing, beach dresses and sarongs adorned with the typical coral and pearls.

Amalfi Coast itinerary in brief

  • Salerno
  • Vietri sul mare
  • Cetara
  • Minori
  • Maiori
  • Amalfi
  • Positano
2 days
Ideal for:
  • who loves walking and discovering new places and culture
Not ideal for:
  • who do not want to travel a lot

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