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In Salerno you could enjoy a perfect weekend or relax afterwork exploring the city via bike.

Bike Sharing the City of Salerno is an innovative project of urban mobility easy, practical, ecological and especially electric. BKS is a real public transport system to be used for short trips, alternative and / or complementary to other traditional urban transport systems.

There are 3 cyclostations photovoltaic located at strategic points of the city:

  • Cyclostation 1: Via Giuseppe Odierno (near the "Crescent")
  • Cyclostation 2: Via Lungomare Tafuri corner Via Clemente Mauro (near Piazza della Concordia)
  • Cyclostation 3: Piazza della Libertà (Pastena - crossing Via R. Mauri / Via Trento)

How to use it?

  • Withdrawal of the bicycle, at a cyclostation, using personal proximity card reader;
  • The card type is to amount to climb with payment regulated by special tariff plan;
  • It's necessary the stipulation prior to a contract of use;

Visitors weekly ticket include:

  • Subscription fee: € 10.00
  • Initial credit included in the subscription: € 10.00
  • Validity: one week
  • Charging per minute: € 0.03/minute
  • Visitor can freely recharge when and how much.

The website for subscriptions, reservations or information on availability of bikes at the cyclostations can be found at: BiciCentro - Bike Sharing Salerno.

Have a nice ride! :)

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