pinto palace

Palazzo Pinto is located in the heart of Old Town, right in front of the Museum of Salerno Medical School and a few meters from the renowned pastry shop Pantaleone. The current building is the result of more extensions of which the last one dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. Currently within the palace there is the Art Gallery.

After the death of the last descendant, in the twenties of the last century, with a testamentary bequest, the palace became the property of the provincial administration and first has become the home of the library and later the art gallery, which also includes the picture gallery of the family Pinto.

Later started the restoration work that led to the removal of two sculptures from the stairs, retrieved from the territory when the building has taken on a public function, currently preserved in the Diocesan Museum. In particular, this is a classic low relief with a chariot race and a medieval marble frontal. With retrieval of additional documentation, the current structure of the building is much more clear, because at least in the third quarter of the eighteenth century the same was modified at the bottom.

Recently it emerged an arch bounded by two bare columns, to be referred to an alley that was connected with the church of San Giorgio. The entrance of the noble house preserves remains of columns, friezes, arches and a few pieces of Fountain of Tercinale. Inside of the hallway, on the left side, almost hidden there are the access stairs with an invitation from the seventeenth century, which made access to the original building. These stairs will most likely not have been replaced by subsequent restoration work, expansion and renovation, because you do not want to break down the balcony that looks into the sea.

Via dei Mercanti, 63 84121 (Salerno)

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