The statues are found mostly along Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi and are dedicated to heroes of Salerno. Alongside Palazzo Santoro instead there is the Monument to the Politic Martyrs of Salerno Region MCMXI, also known as the Statue of Liberty.

The artwork is by Gaetano Chiaromonte and was inaugurated in 1912 in the space where they were condemned to the gallows the patriots of Salerno. The monument consists of a column placed on a stone pedestal in front of which is located a half-naked woman caught in the act to break free from the chains.

From the press diocesan the statue was harshly criticized because it is considered too scandalous and was required the removal. In 2012 was celebrated the centenary of the statue with a series of meetings and events.

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, (Salerno)

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