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The Association VICA, with the portal dedicated to horse trekking, extends the passion for horses, organizes walks and horseback excursions in the Cilento, offers vacation packages on horseback.

The identification of the paths ensures the visitor the full perception of biological, geological and historical cultural diversity. The Association, non profit, is ready to offer, from June 2008, a service of horse trekking along paths well-tested and already used for excursions organized by the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and the Mountain Communities Calore Salernitano.

It is a path of rare scenic beauty and is ideal for any horseman. It can be dealt with under optimum conditions by a horseman on average expert with a well-trained horse. A novice horseman, after two or three lessons with horses, can face the path with confidence and can improve their techniques without being exposed to dangers and descending in an environment of great natural beauty.

Despite being a well planned route and affordable for anyone, it is still a trip to an area of medium mountain and therefore a stop is scheduled every two hours of walking and a break of three hours for lunch. Fortunately, in a land so beautiful it is not difficult to find a suitable place to stop for a few minutes.

Località Varco della Taverna, 84049 Castel San Lorenzo (SA)

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