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In the province of Salerno there are two important thermal centers Contursi Terme and Montesano sulla Marcellana. The spas of Contursi were already known in antiquity, and both are a reference point for the whole South in terms of spa treatments, mud baths and other spa treatments. In addition to recalling hundreds and hundreds of visitors from the province of Salerno, in fact, the Baths of Contursi and Montesano are renowned even outside the province.
Contursi Terme benefits from the waters of the river Sele, while Montesano source of Santo Stefano.

The spas of Contursi and Montesano are equipped at all levels: to accommodate patients who need treatment for specific diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, dermatitis, kidney stones, etc.), to welcome people interested in slimming treatments, relaxing and regenerating and to meet the need of those who simply want to spend a few days of wellness.

Those who choose Contursi Terme and Montesano sulla Marcellana for a spa break can also enjoy the historical, archaeological and scenic surroundings. From Contursi Terme, in addition to the beautiful old town of Contursi, you can easily Buccino, the old Volcei, rich in historical artefacts and traditions. Another experience not to be missed is the visit of Romagnano al Monte, the "ghost town", inhabited by the earthquake of 80 but still partly intact in its original structure.

From Montesano sulla Marcellana, whose old town is certainly worth visiting, is easily reachable Padula whose spectacular Certosa delight lovers of art and ecclesiastical architecture.

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