The statue of Carlo Pisacane stands in the Villa Comunale, a marble work depicting the Italian patriot, hero of the expedition of three hundred. The monument was created by sculptor Gennaro Cali in 1864.

In 1857 (only three years before the expedition of the Thousand of Garibaldi) Carlo Pisacane thinks that is the right time to free the South Italy from the Bourbon monarchy. With about twenty companions he embarks on the ship of the Genoa-Tunis. During the night he takes possession of the boat and waits for reinforcements and weapons that have to get through his friend Rosolino Pilo. Unfortunately, he does not come and Carlo Pisacane is alone, with a few mates and without weapons. Decides to continue the same his action.

carlo pisacane

He arrives to the island of Ponza, where there is a Bourbon prison. He attacks the prison, he frees about 300 prisoners and takes the weapons of the soldiers. With these 300 men he goes to the south and arrives in Sapri where he hopes to free the people.

But the Bourbons had already warned the farmers of the area that a group of bandits escaped from the prison was about to invade the country. So the farmers, armed with clubs and pitchforks attacked the men of Carlo Pisacane and massacred most of them. The same Pisacane is forced to flee, but surrounded and threatened by those Italians who he wanted to free he could not do anything but to commit suicide.

  • Location: Salerno
  • District: Centre
  • Entrance: Via Roma, Via Lungomare Trieste, Traversa D'Agostino
Opening Hours
From November to March08:00 - 20:00
From April to October08:00 - 24:00
NOTE: The entry is allowed up to 30 minutes before the closing time.

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