mangiare a salerno

Typical products of Salerno, Amalfi Coast and Cilento: DOP e PGI

From the Buffalo Mozzarella to the San Marzano Tomato, between the excellence of Campania region in Italy, stand out those of Salerno.

Thanks to the vastness of the its territory, and the environmental diversity that goes from the sea to the mountains, passing through the hills, the province of Salerno, is the queen of the enogastronomy, thanks to the variety of products offered in its cuisine.

The queen of the cuisine Salernitana is without any doubt the Campana DOP Buffalo Mozzarella, while the undisputed king is the San Marzano Tomato of the Nocera-Sarno area, exported around the world. Not by change those two products, along with the extra virgin olive oil, given in two different version, the Cilento one and the Salernitane hills, give life to the famous Pizza Margherita from Naples.
In the birthplace land of the Mediterranean Diet, among the culinary specialities the Cilento White Fig, the Giffoni Hazelnut and the Amalfi Coast Lemon could not miss. From the last one it is produced the renowned "Limoncello" and the cake "Delizia al Limone".

DOP Products of Salerno, Amalfi Coast and Cilento

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