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Luci d'Artista 2016-2017, Salerno Christmas Lights

Salerno, November 2016 - January 2017

Welcome to the most awaited event of the year: Luci d’Artista 2016. The event will take place probably from November 5th and will be inaugurated at 5:00 pm at Villa Comunale, until the end of 22 January 2017, the city of Salerno will host the most spectacular and impressive exhibition of light artworks, all installed along the streets, squares and parks.

What's New in 2016! SALERNO LUCI D'ARTISTA CARD: At a special price of 5.00€, the new tourist card is available from 4 November 2016 till 22nd January 2017, through which you can take advantage of benefits and discounts in: MUSEUMS, COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES, RESTAURANTS, PARKING, EVENTS AND ATTRACTIONS.

NEWS: The old town will host the giant figures, such as flowers with a diameter of ninety centimeters! High-impact installations even at Corso Vittorio Emanuele where there will be a cascade of lights, lamps and illuminated globes. The Rotonda will host the reconstruction of an environment from the Arabian Nights. And not surprisingly, the title will be "One Thousand and One Nights: Arabian Nights". News also in the Enchanted Garden of the Villa Comunale where The Illuminations dedicated to new fairy tales will be installed to delight the little ones!

During the Christmas season, there will be events and the typical Christmas markets, as the most famous ones that stretch along the Trieste promenade (Lungomare di Salerno).

The element that will be the climax to the Christmas lights of Salerno, the magnificent Christmas tree, will be inaugurated in Piazza Portanova probably on December 3rd.

Do not miss the chance to organize an exciting journey between the beauty of a city rich in history, art, culture, and close to the attractions of the Amalfi Coast, Paestum and Pompeii, Capri and Caserta.

Choose your tour!

1. Luci d'Artista and the Middle Ages

2. Luci d'Artista and legends

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All you need to know about Luci d'Artista 2016 and its Christmas Lights

Arrival and Parking

Useful information about how to arrive in Salerno and where to park in the city. Mobility plan, rest areas and map for the event Luci d'Artista.

Where to stay

Where to stay and sleep in Salerno for the event Luci d'Artista. Hotel, B&B and much more. Get your discount now!

Where to eat

Where and what to eat in Salerno for the event Luci d'Artista. Recommended restaurants, pizzerias and taverns to taste the typical dishes. Get your discount now!

Luci d'Artista Themes and Maps

Routes and main themes of the Luci d'Artista. Map of the city of Salerno to visit the Christmas lights.

Salerno Events

Get to know the main events to be held during the Christmas period in Salerno and surroundings. Exhibitions, performances, Christmas market and much more.

Top Sights

Take the opportunity to discover the city of Salerno and its main tourist attractions. Museums, architecture, parks and activities for leisure.

The magic of Salerno Christmas Lights

The best way to spend your Christmas holiday in Salerno

Christmas Markets on the Lungomare Trieste

If you love Christmas and travelling, Salerno is a destination you can not miss at all. With its ancient streets of the old town illuminated by Christmas Lights and wooden huts of the Christmas markets on the Lungomare Trieste, it has nothing to envy to the best Christmas markets in Vienna, Strasbourg and Brussels.
A perfect opportunity to discover what the city has to offer: monuments, museums, gardens and picturesque places...
All of the past editions of Salerno Luci d'Artista event, with the lovely light artworks, in the squares, gardens and along the main streets, have made the entire city of Salerno a tourist attraction not only in the summer but also in the winter period.
So what are you waiting for? Do not miss the amazing show of the enchanted garden at the Villa Comunale, the 28 meters high Christmas tree, the planets and the stars, the ice forest, the Northern Lights and much more... book now your stay in the city, the Lights are waiting for you!

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