Excursions by sea and boat tours to visit the Amalfi Coast: everything you need to know to rent a boat and discover pristine beaches, bays and caves

The Amalfi Coast offers an incomparable beauty that only with a boat excursion you can find out all the way, with the full freedom to stop at any point you want to admire its colorful houses clinging to the rocky coast, or to dive in the crystal clear waters.

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Where can you rent a boat on the Amalfi Coast?

At the small fishing villages of Salerno, Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Praiano and Positano you can rent boats with or without skipper, if you already have a long experience with the sea.

You will have the opportunity to rent a boat or a dinghy safely, with new and efficient boats, for a refreshing bath in the different and small Coast beaches, some accessible only by sea. In some cases, the rent can also be done for the whole summer, with discounted prices.

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Taxi boat service on the Amalfi Coast: taxi by sea

Are you traveling with a low budget? The Amalfi Coast can give you the pleasure of a mini-hike by sea, in fact, on many beaches of the main city centers taxi-boat service is also offered with direct speed and different sized boats to the coves accessible only by sea. With a few euro you can visit the nearby beaches and spend a pleasant day with friends or relatives and arrange a time for your return in the city.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the patron saints of the cities in the Amalfi Coast, it is also possible to do night excursions to see fireworks and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

It is safe to travel by boat on the Amalfi Coast?

The boat tour on the Amalfi Coast are the best way to travel quietly avoiding the summer traffic stress on the road that connects all the cities on the coast, however, you need to know that the sea can be exposed to strong south winds and safe landings lack in case of bad weather. If you travel in summer you may encounter in an overcrowding of boats, some driven also by inexperienced people.

Which islands can you get to and what can you visit by boat?

You can start your boat trip on the Amalfi Coast from Vietri sul Mare to Punta Campanella , then go ahead to the island of Capri: if you have a small boat you can try the suggestion of pass under the arch of the Faraglioni. It's recommended a boat trip to the Islands of Li Galli , in front of Positano, where on the big one you can find the villa where Rudolf Nureyev spent the last period of his life. It is prohibited to land on islands, as these are private, but you can still navigate around them and take a look at the inside of the villa.

Are you arriving by boat on the Amalfi Coast? Here you are useful information on docks and tourist ports

Find out more on ports and docks of Positano, Amalfi and Cetara

  • Positano: the seabed is sandy, you can moor at 300 meters from the shore. Also there is only a small dock reserved for landing and boarding.
  • Amalfi: the Amalfi port has a capacity of about 300 berths, but in the summer it's overcrowded and for you find a berth coul be difficult. The seabed is a mixture of sand and mud.
  • Cetara: there is a small dock with 15 berths, the rest of the harbor is reserved for fishing boats.
  • Where are the tourist ports on the Amalfi Coast?

    The smaller tourist ports are close to Sorrento (Marina Piccola), Piano di Sorrento (Marina di Cassano) and Vico Equense (Sejanus) . While a large tourist port is Salerno , with a capacity of 2,000 berths, complete with all necessary facilities. Closer instead to the Sorrento peninsula it is the tourist port of Marina di Stabia , in Castellammare di Stabia.

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