B&B e Hotel in Amalfi Coast, Salerno and Cilento: Guide to where to stay

The best vacation rentals, B&Bs and hotels in Amalfi Coast and Salerno for your very special stay

Decide where to stay among the proposed structures, all personally checked by our team, contatch the property, and book at an affordable price.

Live Salerno can help you in finding the ideal accommodation solution, in order to book a hotel in the city center of Salerno, a b&b in the old town, or in the famous cities of the Amalfi Coast. Let us guide you!
Meeting the owners of Hotels and B&BS in Salerno, Amalfi Coast and Cilento, Live Salerno check and review the accommodation and the facilities!

Other hotels and B&B coming soon...

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Search through the associated hotels and B&Bs certified by Live Salerno
Choose the accommodation that best suits your needs
Contact the property and get the best rates
Travels and arrives in the facility comfortably
Pay directly to the hotelier or landlord and save the fees of the big booking sites!

Why choose Live Salerno? There are at least 4 reasons:

  • ✔ TOP QUALITY - some of the best B&Bs, Hotel and apartments in Salerno, selected and reviewed by our associated team
  • ✔ LARGE SELECTION - you'll find the large as well as small properties that are generally not present on big travel sites
  • ✔ CUSTOMIZED OFFER - make a list of what you'd love to do on your vacation, get a personalized offer just for you
  • ✔ BEST RATES - contact the owner directly and neither of you pay commissions, so you'll get the best rates on the web!

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