How we use cookies in Italy by Salerno Live

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by Web sites. Following the changes made by Directive 2009/136 / EC on Privacy and Electronic Communications, implemented by Legislative Decree. 05/28/2012, n. 69, it is now illegal to use cookies to collect user information without obtaining prior consent. On average there have been numerous discussions about cookies and privacy on the Internet, and legislative changes are intended to make it easier for users the knowledge and control of information that Web sites, such as Live Salerno, store on their behalf.

Why does Live Salerno use cookies?

Live Salerno uses cookies for several reasons. Some cookies are essential, as it would not be possible, for example, to understand what really interested visitors of the website.

Live Salerno is always looking for ways to improve its website and facilitate the collection of user information. For this purpose, it is important to understand how Live Salerno visitors use its website.

Cookies also help Live Salerno to offer the user a better experience and richer; For example, if you find something interesting, it is possible that the user wants to report it to Facebook or Twitter and cookies facilitate this task.

Types of Cookie used

Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to understand how the website is being used in order to improve the user experience. User data is anonymous.

Google Adsense — Google uses these cookies to show relevant adverts to users who have previously visited our website, as they browse other websites. You can opt-out from Google’s remarketing program, by changing your Google Ad Settings.

How to notify you and obtain your consent?

When you visit for the first time the website, displays a banner at the top of the screen to inform you that Live Salerno uses cookies described in this Policy on this website. The banner asks if you want more information and contains a link to open the corresponding page. If you decide to ignore the notification and continuing to use the Web site, Live Salerno will store a cookie on your computer to record this choice and the subsequent navigation of the Web site you will be deemed a consent to the use of cookies used on the website in question. The notification banner will not appear again on the screen for future visits to the website, but users have the ability to remove cookies at any time via your browser settings.

If you decide to remove some or all cookies, it is good to remember that the use of the Web site can be affected by the removal of cookies and, if the computer on which you disable cookies is shared, such removal will affect all users who use this computer.

The Help section of the Web browser should contain information on the management of settings for cookies


This page is a summary and list ALL of the cookie used for the site

Where can I find more information about cookies?

Authority for the Protection of Personal Data

Live Salerno is not responsible for the content of external websites of third parties that may be set or not set cookies.