Tuesday, 26 July 2016

One of the most celebrated worship in the city is the one dedicated to Sant'Anna to which are dedicated two churches, one at the side of the Municipal Theater, called Sant'Anna at the Port, and one in the high historic centre, called Sant'Anna in San Lorenzo, annexed to the homonymous monastery of San Lorenzo. The solemn procession, which takes place on July 26th, is carried out every other year in the Porto and within the Canalone (where is situated Sant'Anna in San Lorenzo).

The procession of St. Anne at the Port which takes place through the streets of the districts Porto and Pioppi, once came to the station in Salerno, but today the path that sees the fishing boats formed by port workers carry on their shoulders the statue of Sant 'Anna and St. Joachim (traditionally considered the mother and father of the Virgin Mary), are concentrated between the Port district and the lower part of the Old Town, reaching the Town Hall and in the church of Sant'Anna returning to Porto. The course is accompanied by the sound of a band and by the prayers of the devotees.

Different route for the procession of the Canalone: the path here played by trawlers running between the streets and alleys of the high Old Town and the the picturesque village of the Canalone, along the streets of the ancient gates western and eastern, surrounding the lower part of the old town near the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Even here the procession is accompanied not only by the prayers of the faithful (in Sant'Anna are particularly devout pregnant women and those infertile), and by the launch of rose petals, the music of the bands.

The festivals of tradition, however, are not only moments of celebration of the sacred but also of community identity, and the Feast of St. Anna is no exception: not only devotion, therefore, but also fun with live music and dance, exhibition stands, light installations and fireworks at midnight to end a long day of celebration.

Old Town of Salerno (every other year Porto District and the Canalone District)

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