Monday, 03 July 2017
Wednesday, 05 July 2017

The SIF is the exhibition of fantasy and game in Salerno, an event that can bring to life the world of the imaginary and unreal, transporting guests in magical contexts full of emotions. A synergyc union, that one between Salerno and the event more and more solid, able to evolve to meet the needs of each user, by expanding the boundaries even outside the municipal context. Salerno is a city in full growth that every year welcomes thousands of tourists due to the many attractions and numerous events, always different, which you can enjoy.

Salerno in Fantasy (SIF) fits perfectly into the annual planning of our city, bringing out a niche context, that however, currently experiences a remarkable growth and which covers various areas such as publishing, film, fun.
The purpose of the event is really to enhance the features, bringing those realities in the city that best embody this area.
The goal of SIF is not that simplistic adoption of artistic canons already in use in other fairs but to penetrate into new methods, new formulas able to bring renewed lymph in this area constantly searching for new and attractive content, able to innovate, but mostly to involve an increasingly heterogeneous audience, with particular attention to the promotion of youth reality.

The event will take place this year in the city center, at the historical Palazzo Fruscione, the street adjacent to the Villa Comunale and the Teatro Verdi, and Villa Comunale itself. It will be open to the public, with stands and attractions, with the exception of some areas reserved for festival activities. Most of the meetings and performances will take place in the street near the Teatro Verdi, where you can immerse yourself in fantasy-style, in the most suggestive atmosphere of the event. Palazzo Fruscione, however, will be the site of exhibitions, workshops and highly anticipated Lego dioramas. Another jewel in the crown: the laser installations that reproduce a real section dedicated to Mission Impossible.

Villa Comunale 84121 Salerno

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