Monday, 17 July 2017
Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Premio Charlot was born in the late 80's by the desire to create a talent prize in which to take the first steps to the younger generation of Italian comedians. The dedication to the greatest comedian of the twentieth century, tragic and satirical at the same time, ironic expression of modernity and all its facets has been a choice in its own way "forced".

Even today this event, recognized among the most reliable in the national media, will not stop the search for new moves in the diverse world of comedy with tireless enthusiasm. The care and attention to detail have resulted over time great impact, making the Premio Charlot a pool of talent that today represent one of the best parts of the Italian comedy.

Among the names of participants from emerging artists that have now been appreciated artists, there are Vergassola, Mammuccari, Barbaro, Di Carlo, Zucca Cassini, Mago Forest, Ale and Franz as well as a substantial part of those who have subsequently animated program Zelig.

Each year the festival, which covers several days, followed by almost 50,000 spectators and committed accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants and numerous shops on the whole territory. The exponential growth in terms of visibility and promotion of the event is evidenced by the strong interest of the newspapers and television networks with the local and national broadcast of the Gala Awards ceremony on RAI UNO (for Italy) and on RAI International (for Canada and the US), besides being followed through special RADIO 2.

Arena del Mare - Nearby Concordia Square

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