Monday, 04 September 2017
Monday, 04 September 2017

marmeeting furore

In the enchanting landscape of the fjord of Furore, you cannot miss The “Mediterranean high diving championship" during the month of July. For this occasion a platform is set up in the middle of the bridge that overlooks the fjord of Furore. The height is the maximum allowed by regulation, an impressive flight of 28 meters, divers only have 3 seconds to coordinate their movements, impacting with the surface of the sea at a speed of 100 km/h! Perhaps it is the location, the rugged landscape of the rocks of the fjord that drop straight into the sea, the courage and skill of the divers, the wonder and pure adrenaline that reigns in this event, but this is a manifestation that absolutely deserves to be seen, perhaps sitting on the beach in Furore or directly from the sea. The Marmeeting over the years has become a model to be exported.
Red Bull has launched a worldwide circuit of High Diving benefiting from the advice of the designer and organizer of the event Oreste Varese, also the High Diving became worldwide discipline last year, when Orlando Duque and others dived from a platform inside the Port of Barcelona. A historic turning point and, perhaps, the first step towards the Olympic dream.


Environmental protection, sports and adrenaline are the ingredients of the Furore Marmeeting, which returns this year for the 29th edition, with a program enriched in terms of tourism, with guided tours and trekking from July 4 to 12. The sport will begin on July 11 with the 3rd edition of the Memorial Marina Sessa Troiano with the crossing by swimming along the coast from Marina di Praia to Furore. The highlight is The High Diving Championship. The race of High Diving, scheduled on Sunday, July 12 at 12:30 am at the bridge of the natural Fjord of Furore, with 15 athletes competing for this extreme sports category, with dives from 28 meters high.

To get more and detailed information about the Mediterranean High Diving Cup visit: Marmeeting 2015 Program

Fiordo di Furore

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