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The Christmas markets in Torrione are organized by the Claai (Italian Confederation of Free Handicraft Associations) in partnership with the City of Salerno, the Consortium Torrione, the Institute of Higher Education "Perito-Levi, section art school "Carlo Levi" of Eboli, the company Mango Home furnishings Battipaglia, and with the technical support of Intertrade, a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce. They take place in via Posidonia, the main shopping district.

Contrary to what is exhibited in the markets of the Old Town, the Market Torrione is characterized by the multicultural-touch: it is true that much of the space is dedicated to those product typically from Salerno, but stronger is the participation of foreign communities of Christian faith present in the city.

Local production made of reworkings of homemade panettone with chestnuts of Monti Picentini alongside the typical products of southern and Neapolitan Christmas tradition, as roccocò, mostaccioli, struffoli and almond paste, but also exhibition and sale of local agricultural products of Salerno, such as San Marzano tomatoes and Corbarino (varieties of the Monti Lattari) or infusions as the Concerto, a mix of herbs of the Amalfi Coast, and the most famous Limoncello, produced through a painstaking process not industrial.

To frame to food there are ceramics production from Vietri, floral decorations of the nursery school of Salerno, the Nativity of Krakow, original productions in foil inspired by the churches of the ancient capital of Poland, and the Asian clothing.

Via Parmenide, Salerno

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