Sunday, 23 April 2017
Monday, 01 May 2017

The artichoke is a food rich in beneficial properties and a culinary delicacy served in many and succulent recipes. Lovers of parties and festivals can not miss the Feast of Artichokes from Capaccio at the picturesque village of Gromola (Salerno). The event, organized by the cultural association "The Temple of Hera Argiva" and with the collaboration of the Consortium of Paestum artichokes IGP and OP Terra Orti, will be marked by a rich program of events including culinary and entertaining evening of music, songs and dances.

The star of the festival will be, without doubt, the appetizing menu based on the renowned IGP Artichoke. At many stands you can taste lots of goodness and local products: gilded and fried artichokes, fried pizza with artichoke cream, fried pizza with tomato, penne with bacon and artichokes, bruschetta with artichoke cream and bacon, roasted artichokes, cheese hanged smell of artichoke pizza with artichokes, fried donuts and pizza margherita.

Borgo di Gromola, Capaccio-Paestum (SA)

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