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The fair of the crucifix found is a manifestation of historical re-enactment that takes place in the historic center of Salerno and is one of fairs of historical commemoration most characteristic of Italy.

The story of the fair dates back to the eleventh century and is linked to a legend whose main character is Peter Barliario. It is said that two of his nephews, after reading a book of necromancy left unattended died with fright and Barliario, because of guilt and after burning the book went to the church of San Benedetto to ask forgiveness of the crucified Christ. After three days and three nights of prayer Christ moved his head toward Barliario and opened his eyes as a sign of forgiveness. By the news of the miracle all Salerno went into the church to venerate the crucifix and they returned every Friday in March.

Since 2002, the Fair of the Crucifix has been split in two, with one part purely contemporary in which you perform the duties of a fair / market and held in the peripheral areas of the city, and a historical commemoration, renamed Fair Crucifix Ritrovato, back at its former glory tooks place in the town center. This is characterized by events in medieval costumes, historical re-enactments, craft shops and street performers.

Note: The event takes place every last weekend of April

Via Masuccio Salernitano; Piazza Sant'Agostino; Largo San Petrillo; Piazza Abate Conforti; Largo Cassavecchia; Tempio di Pomona; Piazza Alfano I; Largo Barbuti; Largo Campo. Salerno

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