Friday, 03 March 2017
Friday, 31 March 2017

The Crucifix is the Fair par excellence in the city. It is the fair that every Salernitan waits for a whole year, the simplest one, where a walk is a must at least one of Fridays of March, those that precede Easter. The current one is the contemporaneous enactment of ancient medieval fair of San Matteo, the most important trade fair of the south of Italy.

Over the centuries, the fair has become and has often changed location, moving from the historic center to the suburbs, finding space for a long time in the big parking of Arechi Stadium. For several years it was decided to bring the Fair within the city limits and in 2014 was chosen the area of the Park Mercatello, easily accessible thanks to the metro station as well as well-served by car parks nearby.

Among the stands of the renewed Fair you can find items of all kinds, from the typical products of Campania crafts, from clothing to objects. The products for sale are the same as always, Salernitan of course, but you can also find regional products or even other areas, given the attractiveness of the event capable of catalyzing experiences and feelings that go far beyond the city of Salerno. The fair is also an element of great tourist attraction, which brings to the city an air of tradition and familiarity.

Note: Event takes place only every Friday in March.

Via Giovanni Paolo II e Via Limongelli, Salerno

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