Thursday, 08 December 2016
Saturday, 07 January 2017

For some years Salerno is one of the favorite season destinations nationally, with a significant share of foreign inputs, and this success over to the most famous Luci d'Artista is also due to the different Christmas markets that animate the historical center.

The peculiarity of Salerno is to have preserved a historic center with a medieval layout and this helps create a particularly welcoming atmosphere, in line with those that are the typical Christmas sensitivity, and the organization of markets with mountain inspiration makes it even more enveloping atmosphere.

Markets that "decorate" the historical center are the result of the Bottega San Lazzaro with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Salerno and the contribution of Centrale del Latte di Salerno.

The markets are located in four specific areas: Piazza Sant'Agostino, where among the myriad of local products there is an area dedicated to the products of Trentino, land of traditional markets; Largo Sedile del Campo, dedicated to the sweet specialties typical of Christmas; Largo San Pietro a Corte, always dedicated to desserts, but in this case the typical local tradition made by the Sant'Andrea in the Annunziatella; Temple of Pomona, where the proposal is more complex ranging from crafts to Christmas items, from traditional products to art, antiques and the floriculture.

Centro storico, Salerno

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