Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Saturday, 09 September 2017

It was 1983 and the ticket was 1000 lire. It was the beginning of the history of an event that every year since then leaves a deeper mark into the heart of Old Town and culture of Salerno: Largo Santa Maria dei Barbuti, an open space created by the wave of bombings in an area so secluded that, for the first editions, it was necessary to draw a map on the poster to make people understand the seat of the open air theater.

The first show ever, with whom Sunday, July 24th 1983, the curtain opened was that of "Campania Jazz Quartet", event which preserves the photo, while the first poster provided just 9 shows with an offer already quite varied, ranging from farce to chamber music to the classic Neapolitan repertoire performed by Peppe Barra.

Today, after more than thirty years, the review of the Barbuti is a large container of events with over twenty shows suitable for all who take turns during the summer, from the first week of August to the second week of September.

Largo Santa Maria dei Barbuti

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